About us

Convey Xpress is a duly registered logistics and shipping company in Kenya and United States and we handle goods between the two regions flawlessly.

Our Mission & Vision

We Make Logistics Easy & Convenient for You

Not only are our Warehouses strategically located for easy picking, we also organize last-mile delivery on demand. Below our Mission, Vision and what sets us appart from the competition


Our mission

Create Value for our customers and stakeholders by being a sustainable and innovative shipping company.

Our vision

To be the Leading Global supplier of sustainable and innovative shipping solutions.


We do what we say we'll do to produce what you want the way you expect it.


ConveyXpress, there are no hidden fees, fake promos or excuses for delayed orders


Our Warehouses and pick-up points are strategically located for convenience

Our values

We ensure you get the best shipping services

A business is as strong as the values that drives it. At ConveyXpress, we are both constomer and employee centred. Here are the main values that form the pillars upon which our company is built!


We believe we are geared to unprecedented growth courtesy of our employees. They always meet demanding deadlines and service requirements while offering professional guidance and assistance with unceasing commitment.


ConveyXpress radiates and promotes optimism not just as a feeling and understanding but as an assurance throughout its processes. We promote all positive actions that can result in a benefit for a greater number of our clients.


We strive to develop our manpower and clientele potential through collaboration

Valued Employees

We always aim at providing a safe environment for our employees at all times.


Our handling of sea and air freight cargo gives a competitive advantage to clients

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