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Online purchases

You can shop online from your favorite stores anytime, then at checkout, choose to ship those items to your unique ConveyXpress address, which will be found under your profile when you sign up on our platform.

Yes! You can get a free US address for shopping with us. After that, you can log on to your ConveyXpress account online to let us know about what items to expect in your name.

After we receive your items and the cost of shipping has been paid, we ensure fast delivery to your desired location. In all, the online purchases with us will be an excellent experience for you.

ConveyXpress Assisted Shopping – CASH

We purchase items for you on your behalf when you provide us the URL and specific details. You pay only after we confirm the product that you want to buy.
Once we get your item after purchasing it, we deliver it to your doorstep at the earliest. With this service, you can focus on other essential things in your life while we do the buying for you. Meanwhile, we got you covered for shipping to Kenya from USA.

If you are within the United States and want to save on the cost of shipping from your state to our location in Dallas/ Forth Worth , but the store won’t ship the products, simply give us your shopping list, we can walk into stroes like Amazon , EBay, Home Depot and many other brick and mortar stores to purchase those items for your business, project or home. We also offer this convenient service for our international clients as well.


You can store your goods in our warehouses for shipping purposes. And then you can fulfill the online orders from your customers through our shipping services. So if you are in our outside the USA and looking to sell your products to an international market, talk to us about your fulfilment needs.
In the pick and pack fulfillment, we will store your packages in our warehouse, then as your orders come in through our integrated software or via a means that works for you, we have pickers that work on your orders. They will then pick, pack and seal your goods for shipping to your customers. With timely updates on the status of these orders to you and the status of your inventory with us. It helps you to track vital aspects of your business.

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